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What is the meaning behind the name?

That’s one of our favorite questions to answer! Borrowing from Dr. King’s wisdom, we believe people live in two realms: internal and external. We exist to support internal and external growth through the places that our students inhabit. Our students graduate anchored with confidence in who they are, with whom they are connected, and with the world in which they live. We are anchored through these points of connection.

Where is the school going to be located?

That’s a great question! We haven’t defined our physical location yet. That said, we have proposed a state-wide attendance zone which means that 6th-12th grade students who live in the state of Georgia are eligible to enroll in our school.

When will the school open?

We respect your sense of urgency! We submitted our petition for authorization in the spring of 2022. This means, at the earliest, our school will open in the fall of 2023.